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Are a heat exchanger to vaporize liquid LPG, when the liquid enters the container this starts to vaporize due to the heat, this process can be achieved by three different types of technology like Direct Fire, Water Heater or Electric.

Vaporizers are used for industrial, agricultural and commercial purposes where big amounts of gas need to be vaporized and the normal process itself does not allow such process in the storage tanks.

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We are a team of engineers specialized in Solutions for the LPG | Natural Gas | Cryogenic Gases

We provide the best solutions for people and companies, for LPG, Natural Gas or Cryogenic Gases systems for several sectors of the industry and energy companies in Mexico and abroad.

  • To be leader innovating organization, always providing solutions and equipment for the correct usage of energy.
  • Our success will be reflected in benefits for our collaborators, customers and society.
  • Be a solid company financially speaking.
  • Be a wonderful place to work.


Emerson is the world leader in industrial, commercial and domestic


Solutions its LPG and Natural Gas division is known for its top brands Fisher, Micromotion and Rosemount.

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Our history

2014 Mako Internacional

May 2014 thanks to the preference and trust from our customers, providers and friends and with the commitment of our collaborators combined with the requirements of the market we move to the building where we are now, which is 5 times bigger than the previous, this way we can continue growing with you.

2006 Mako Internacional

August 2006, new collaborators with more than 15 years of experienced joined us, this way Mako becomes into a team of experts in LPG, Natural Gas and Cryogenic Gases and some of the world leader brands offered us to be authorized distributors.

2003 Nace Mako Internacional

Mako is born in May 2003 with the vision to offer import-export international services.

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